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Paint Can and Brush

Reliable Painting & Decorating across Yeovil

Painting & Decorating for all your residential, commercial needs.

Professional Services

Your Dependable House Painter and Decorator

Modern Interior Design

Painting & Decorating

With over 15 years of experience painting and decorating across Yeovil, I can assure you that your decorating will be done at the highest standard. Contact me directly to arrange for a visitation where I can provide you a free quote. I guarantee that all work will be done to a high standard. 

Plastered & Rendered Walls

I offer a plastering & rendering services for Yeovil and surrounding areas. I will provide a high level of service and finish to all works. This is a great way to get prepared for decorating and to start the process of creating your dream home. Contact me for more information and to arrange a free quote.

Plastering Wall
Square Window

Restoring / Reputtying

Here at Dave Chant Paint & Decorator I can offer a specialised service to restore or reputty your wooden windows. This will help preserve and repair the window so it can last during the tough winter months. This service is not commonly available and will allow for you to keep the aesthetic of your wooden windows. To find out more please contact directly.

Contact me today for more details about the services I offer. I can arrange for a visitation of your choosing to provide you with a free quote. 

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